As one of Freehold Communities’ Vital Communities®, Grande Dunes is more than a group of homes; it is a fellowship between neighbors, a shared interest in creating the best possible lifestyle for every resident. This involves many different agencies all working together to serve you. For answers to commonly asked questions about living in Grande Dunes, see below.

How do I find contact information for my neighborhood's association management company?
to find further details about your neighborhood and its association management company, visit the Neighborhoods page. All neighborhoods with a linked page are managed by Waccamaw Management whose contact information is located on the Contact page. For those neighborhoods not managed by Waccamaw Management, see the GD Neighborhood Association Contacts document on the Documents page which contains contact information for the other association management companies assisting residents within Grande Dunes.

How do I register for Members’ Login?
To get registered for Members’ Login, contact the Grande Dunes Ocean Club at (843) 315-0350.

How do I register with TownSq?
A management company account number is required to activate the TownSq login. For residents who live in neighborhoods served by Waccamaw Management, this number can be found on any of your POA statements or payment coupons. If you cannot locate your account number or if you live in a neighborhood that is not serviced by Waccamaw Management such as Del Webb, Waterside Edge, Waterside Pointe, Villas Firenze or Vista Del Mar, please contact Waccamaw Management for assistance at (843) 315-0300. Once you have the account number, go to the Login page, click on “Access TownSq Here” and follow the prompts to register.

How do I add and link multiple association accounts in TownSq?
Accessing multiple homeowner accounts using a single TownSq login is easy. Simply register one of your association accounts in TownSq and then follow the step-by-step instructions here to add additional accounts under a single login name and password.